Features of CannaMaps:
  • Map of cannabis-related businesses and resources: The app's main feature is a map that shows the locations of dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, and other businesses in the cannabis industry. Users can search for businesses in their area or browse the map to discover new resources.
  • Directory of industry events: CannaMaps maintains a directory of industry events, including trade shows, conferences, and workshops. Users can search for events by location or date, and can also add their own events to the directory.
  • Networking platform: CannaMaps provides a platform for users to create profiles, follow other users, and join discussion groups related to their interests. This allows users to connect with each other and share knowledge and resources.
  • News and resources: The app includes news and articles about the latest developments in the cannabis industry, as well as educational resources and training materials. This helps users stay up-to-date and informed about the industry.